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NakaEndZone Offering in-house Delivery Service to the following Zip Codes 15205, 15220, 15202, 15204, 15136, and 15106.

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There's much to learn when preparing and cooking Barbecue. Here at NaKa EndZone BBQ we have it falling off the bone!

A barbecue can refer to the cooking method itself, the meat cooked this way, or to a type of social event featuring this type of cooking. Barbecuing is usually done outdoors by smoking the meat over wood or charcoal.Restaurant barbecue may be cooked in large, specially-designed brick or metal ovens. Barbecue is practiced in many areas of the world and there are numerous regional variations.

Barbecuing techniques include smoking, roasting or baking, braising and grilling. The technique for which it is named involves cooking using smoke at low temperatures and long cooking times (several hours). Baking uses an oven to convection cook with moderate temperatures for an average cooking time of about an hour. Braising combines direct, dry heat charbroiling on a ribbed surface with a broth-filled pot for moist heat. Grilling is done over direct, dry heat, usually over a hot fire for a few minutes.


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1310 Crafton Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA. 15205

(412) 875-5522

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